Preserving–Excellence For Generation

TIGRIS GOLD – A prominent name among leading gold refining is dedicated to providing quality metals since ages.
Tigris Gold Refinery Established in 2013 and refining operations are located at SAIF Zone in Sharjah UAE.
Equipped with a team of highly committed experts and state of art refining, smelting, assaying, and minting equipment, our organization is managed professionally with qualified workforce and a clear vision. We provide the best training and facilities to our highly professional and technical staff.
Tigris Gold has established itself as a major player in both the production and service sectors of the industry.
We refine gold and silver to sell different types of pure bars, for example 995 kilo bar, 9999 kilo bar,
TT bar etc. Also, we buy scrap gold from customers for exchange into pure gold kg bars we also provide independent assay or purity tests for our scrap gold clients.
All our Suppliers comply with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations in every jurisdiction in which they do business with Tigris Gold Refinery (FZE). Local laws might change in restriction to this Standard in some instances. In such events, Suppliers are expected to comply with this Standard, even if the conduct would otherwise be legal under applicable laws. If local laws are more restrictive than this Standard, Suppliers are expected to, at a minimum, comply with applicable local laws.

About the Managing Director:

Mr. Ahmed Mohammed Hamoodi Hashim is a Bachelor of Business Administration from American University of Dubai, and he is currently the CEO of Tigris Gold Refinery. Mr. Ahmed has taken an active interest in the family business, even from his younger age, and he has developed a deep knowledge of the physical bullion and Jewellery industries. He has been responsible for many of the creative and energetic ideas behind the rapid expansion of the company’s gold business and he is responsible for the day-to-day administration of physical activities in the refinery.